Starts September 13th, 2021 

Join the group to jumpstart your business, get paying clients, and build your brand.

Space is limited.

Get Paying Clients

Get your first round of paying clients and collect amazing testimonials.

Develop Confidence

Find support, encouragement, and inspiration to achieve success.

Build Your Business

Use ideas, techniques, tools, and suggestions to get results fast.

Create Raving Fans

Go from chasing clients to attracting clients by being a person of massive value.


Trisha Leconte,
Founder & CEO at HEROBrand
wants to help YOU!

As a former software engineer, turned health coach, turned life coach, turned finance coach, turned super-duper-great-designer, I know what it's like to have a passion to help others and then struggle to get paying clients.


There are a lot of coaches out there who want to start a business or who are new in their business and not sure what to do to really get their business off the ground. That ends here.

I am inviting you to join the JUMPStart group to learn tools & techniques to get your first group of paying clients so you can develop unshakeable confidence and become an irresistable magnet to your ideal clients.

Together, let's share ideas, inspire each other, and win!

What is this group like?

Weekly Meetings

Zoom meetings every Monday at
11am CST for 45-60 minutes.


We will work with you to create progression landmarks to track progess and provide accountability.


Mastermind with the group to provide support and encouragement. 

Idea Machine

Let's evaluate where your business is and give you ideas for improvement.


Network with other like-minded people who want to make an impact.


After JUMPStart, you will be armed with ideas, techniques and a plan to drive you to success.

Who is this group for?

  • New coaches in business

  • Genuine passion to help others

  • Great attitude

  • Contribute to the overall good of the group

  • Supportive, encouraging, and positive

  • Wants to build a successful business

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Let's JUMPStart your business!

Space is limited, so apply now. I'll reach out to you to understand where you're at and how this group can help you grow your business.

Free month trial,
then just $39/month.

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